Program Overview

Hope’s Path is a structured program within a semi-independent living setting.   It is the responsibility of each young adult to plan and work on their goals while playing a role in the greater community. Daily oversight, structure, and governance of the transitional living settings including chores, shopping, laundry, cooking, activities/celebrations, and discipline will be handled by the young adults in the program with the assistance and oversight of staff members and the onsite House Shepherds. Each resident living in the home will be expected to play a community role and actively contribute to the program structure, identity, and follow a common respectful code of conduct. Each young adult in the program will be on a different and unique path but will respect, care for, and encourage each other along the way.

Who qualifies to become an Intern Candidate with Hope’s Path?

  • Must be a former foster youth

  • Must be between 18 -27 years of age

  • Must pass a 10-panel drug test and be subject to random and regular drug testing

  • Criminal background check performed and must be considered no threat or harm to any other intern, staff, volunteer or property

  • Must have an intrinsic value for personal goals and the willingness and ability to work toward them.

What is required in the application process?

  • Complete the online application w/three references (i.e., caseworker, former caregiver, employer/teacher)

  • Submit a personal history and goals essay

  • Must be drug and alcohol free (with exception of prescription drugs monitored by a medical professional)

  • Interviews with Director of Intern Services

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Approximate Program Timeframe

How long is the program?

Each intern follows his/her own program timeline.  Originally, the program was determined to be able to be completed within 18 months; however, we know that God’s grace and mercy demonstrates flexibility where and when needed. Some of our young men continue to live out these months on-site, others (including young women) are a part of our program while moving closer to independence within a college dormitory or other appropriate incremental housing. Therefore, we don’t set a hard-fixed timeline, rather we monitor each intern’s development towards their goals as benchmarks within our program.