No matter your age, personality, or talents there is a spot for everyone to help out at Hope's Path! 

  • Can you help transport interns on occasion to work/school?
  • Can you commit to be a mentor to one of our interns?
  • Can you or your small group provide relief for our House Shepherds for an evening or weekend?
  • Can you or your small group join us for a work day to help  with maintenance inside and outside the home?
  • Do you have an entry level job or apprenticeship that our interns could apply for?
  • Can you provide prayer and/or financial support to Hope’s Path?

There is a wide variety of roles that help us fulfill our mission in supporting our young adults who have transitioned out of foster care.  

If you are interested in ongoing volunteer opportunities, feel free to contact us for more information at  We are excited to have you be a part of our family at Hope's Path! 

Click Here to fill out a volunteer application today!

You can make a difference!

Register your Talent!

Don't have a specific area in mind that you would like to volunteer but would still like to be involved with our mission?  Take the time to fill out the information below to register your talents and skills in our talent database.  Your talents and skills will then be kept in a database and matched with possible opportunities as needs arise.  Not everyone is called to foster or adopt but everyone is called to do something. 

Get involved helping young people today!