The Journey towards Hope

In 2014, a group of pastors and community leaders gathered together to pray over the needs of our youth in Montgomery County, Texas.  One of the critical needs that was expressed was the shortage of programs, resources, and housing available for foster youth once they are 18 years of age.  With the knowledge that Montgomery County is "aging out" twice the number of youth than the current programs and resources can serve, the need was understood to be critical, especially when taken into consideration even graver lack of resources extending surrounding counties and throughout Texas. 

The plight of a young person who ages out of the system is heart-breaking and unanimously it was agreed upon that this was not what God intended for His children.   We realized that God had called us to show them the love, hope, and identity God has for their lives.

With five core members, "Team Hope" with itsvaried expertise and experience including a pastor, non-profit foster care experts, business owners, and a physician, set out on a nearly 3 year journey of obedience.  From early on, the goal was to create an environment in which young adults would be welcomed as a ‘family’; where they would begin to discover their God-given dreams and gifts, and begin their own journey down a new path of hope and healing towards successful, sustaining independence. 

In 2015 Hope’s Path was blessed with a generous anonymous donation of the purchase of the first home and headquarters for Hope's Path located in Spring, TX.  Many additional donors came on board with only the desire to reflect their understanding of God's love for us by reflecting the same love to "the least of these".  We have asked to identify each of them, but their greatest interest is to give GOD THE GLORY so we will just acknowledge that over $1 million was poured into this effort by countless faithful community servant leaders ... In November, 2016, Hope's Path opened its headquarters and men's home, to accommodate 12 young men!