Who We Are

Hope's Path is a non-profit 501(c)3 that uses a faith based community approach to direct foster youth towards confident sustainable independence.  Hope's Path offers a 4-cornerstone approach that includes:

  • a curriculum of soft skilled development (Character development, management of emotions, and self-control, leadership and interpersonal communication skills)

  • Life Skills development (Home/Car/Personal maintenance, cooking, laundry, etc.)

  • A team of six mentors assigned to each young adult (Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Education, Social/Community Development, Finance)

  • Vocational/Career apprenticeships

Hope’s Path does not operate as an emergency or homeless shelter. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for drug/alcohol abuse and do not allow any weapons or handguns on the premises.  Participants in our program are not mandatorily placed by Child Protective Services or any courts. 

Program participants are selected from an application and interview process.  Hope’s Path, as well as the participant, have the ability to exercise free will to sever the relationship at any time. 

Why We Do It

*You can learn more about the Mission & VisionStory, and Programs of Hope's Path by clicking these links or navigating through our website menu.